At the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon, held the last week of April 2021,  our Director at Compass365, Ingrid Camill, presented the session Can SharePoint Really Be Your Intranet – What’s New in SharePoint Communication Sites.   In this session, Ingrid discusses some of the exciting new features available in the SharePoint Communication site template, along with a how-to and best practices for implementation of your intranet solution.

Today, more than ever, organizations are seeking to keep their employees informed and engaged.  Out of necessity, many organizations moved to a primarily remote workforce this past year.  As the pandemic eases and offices reopen, many expect to retain a hybrid of remote and in-office work.  We’ve learned that productivity and remote work can coexist, but a challenge remains in keeping your employees up-to-date and connected to your culture.  A well-adopted intranet can help you to:

  • Enhance employee engagement and communication
  • Increase collaboration and productivity
  • Streamline messaging and reduce email
  • Facilitate discovery of news and resources
  • Enable and manage remote employees
  • Ensure accessibility to critical information

There are lots of platforms on the market to address the need to provide employees tools to be efficient and engaged with their team and the organization at large.   SharePoint has been a viable intranet portal option for many years – but considered somewhat basic in functionality and lacking the visual pizzazz of some of the other offerings.  In this video from the M365 Virtual Marathon, Ingrid provides you with an overview of the latest features and functionality offered in SharePoint Online, as well as some tips and tricks to deploying them in your SharePoint intranet.

This session is for Key Business Stakeholders and IT Professionals alike.  For more resources related to visualizing, building, and maintaining your intranet, see these posts as well:

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