Welcome back! In my previous article, we walked through the basics of conducting a preliminary intranet review yourself. But when it comes to ensuring your intranet is an indispensable business app, a professional review is super helpful.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of organizations and launch just as many intranets over the last 10+ years. Today, we’ll explore Compass365’s complementary intranet review, designed to uncover insights and deliver strategic recommendations that can dramatically improve your intranet’s effectiveness.

1. Briefing and Client Objectives

Our complimentary intranet review begins with a briefing. This initial stage sets the foundation for a targeted and meaningful review. We spend time understanding your organization’s unique objectives, pain points, and what you hope to achieve with your intranet. This isn’t just about fixing what’s broken—it’s about aligning your intranet’s capabilities with your strategic business goals. Whether you’re looking to improve internal communications, enhance employee engagement, or streamline operational efficiency, understanding your goals upfront allows us to focus our review and recommendations.

2. Current State Analysis

3. Technical and User Engagement

4. Strategic Insights and Recommendations

5. Wrap-Up and Next Steps

6. Deliverables

The executive summary we deliver at the end of our review is a strategic tool designed to aid decision-making and planning. It highlights critical insights, suggests actionable recommendations, and provides a clear path forward based on best practices and expert analysis.

Schedule a Complimentary Intranet Review

Opting for a professional intranet review is a strategic catalyst for your organization’s future. Our complimentary offering not only identifies areas for improvement but provides a blueprint for transforming your intranet into a more effective, engaging platform.

If you’re ready to take your intranet to the next level, reach out to Jordan Weaver to schedule a complimentary intranet review. Remember, it’s FREE!

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