How has COVID-19 affected your business?

Have the events of 2020 reminded you of the importance of keeping your employees engaged, informed, and productive? Companies have a renewed interest in improving their intranet, communication and collaboration platforms, and their entire digital workplace experience. They’re taking the challenges presented by this new environment and turning them into golden opportunities to strengthen company culture and increase employee engagement and satisfaction!

Some companies are just starting on this journey, while others are improving and refining that digital employee experience. Watch this webinar from our great partners at Akumina. In the video, David Maffei, president and co-founder of Akumina speaks about driving employee engagement with technology. Joining David is our client, Hines, who takes us along on their journey in creating an inclusive, world-class intranet experience for their global workforce.

The Future of Employee Engagement and Experience, A Digital Workplace Webinar

It’s a great watch regardless of where your company is on the journey to a strong company culture with happy, engaged employees!

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