“Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.”

At Compass365, we believe there’s no better way to create long-term solutions than to find an expert, partner up, and work together.

As technology changes and expands, our team of experts stays on the cutting edge, working with you to reach your goals, meet your business outcomes, and continue to keep your business healthy and profitable.

In a presentation at the September 2020 Microsoft Ignite Conference, Charles Lamanna, CVP of the Microsoft Power Platform, showed a slide that said, “500 million new apps will be built in the next five years – more than all apps built in the last 40 years. With a 5x faster demand for mobile apps than IT departments can deliver.”

The COVID crisis launched a lot of necessary and rapid innovation. Businesses are working overtime to automate processes, build apps, and integrate with existing systems. Charles mentioned the Low Code Revolution, paving the way for solution-focused application and automation creation via Microsoft’s Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents).

We work side by side with professional developers and first time “makers” inside businesses, guiding clients on blending code-first tools and languages with low-code tools like Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. Whether you are working in Microsoft 365 or Azure, we can assess your processes and create a plan that extends your ongoing digital transformation goals.

Are you leveraging your data to its greatest potential?

Successful business outcomes are driven by data from many different locations. Using the Power Platform to build apps and gain insights quickly and easily will transform your employees’ productivity, extend how your backend systems work together, and bring digital agility to your operations. Unused or inaccessible data is like unpicked fruit, left to die on the vine. Activating all your data across all your systems keeps employee productivity fresh and your business moving forward.

Are you automating your business processes?

Power Automate works with more than 401 connectors, creating nearly endless options for linking between systems, whether you use Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Power BI, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Azure, Oracle, or Project Online. It supports Google spreadsheets and other Google services. You can also use it to connect to cloud storage solutions like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. It has connectors for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest) and email services (Outlook and Gmail), as well as email marketing services (MailChimp and more). New connectors are added daily, even into many niche legacy systems across industries.

Does your business have an “app gap?”

Do you have paper-based processes? Manual forms? Processes tracked via Excel spreadsheet? Do you have mobile or front-line workers? In a customer-first way of thinking, everything you do needs to come back to how you make your customers’ lives easier. Whether that means having your own internal process automations or new ways your customers can more easily and efficiently interface with you, it all comes down to one question: Can we make an app or automation for this business problem or process? A “yes” answer means automation will let us spend more time on product innovation, honing service offerings, and connecting more deeply with customers for feedback and success.

Through our Business Application Consulting Services, our experienced Power Platform developers can help you deploy simple data collection forms, develop complex integrated approval use cases, convert legacy InfoPath forms and SharePoint Designer workflows, or get advice on how to govern Power Apps and Power Automate solutions across your enterprise. Our consultants will get you up and running much faster than going it alone.

The Compass365 team keeps up on all current trends. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are up to date on Microsoft’s innovations and ever-changing feature set. The new Power Platform connections inside of Microsoft Teams has really opened up this conversation, with businesses leveraging Office 365 and SharePoint.

Low code and no-code solutions are newer on the scene. We love working with your teams of professional and/or citizen developers to help you move faster with code, low code, or no code. We pride ourselves on our tried and true methodologies to ensure successful projects. We love working with developers, designers, and IT departments. We are excited to see massive innovation from marketing teams, human resources, and finance departments. Hearing them ask “can we build an app for that” is music to our ears! The answer to that question is of course yes – an app, an automation, a bot, or a dashboard with the Power Platform — you can take your pick or leverage them all.

Innovation and automation are happening faster and faster, and Compass365 is here to be your guide, helping you continue to transform your business, keep up with an ever-changing world, and work toward meeting your business goals.

Let’s work together. We can help you build that first (or 20th) app, leveraging the Power Platform and closing the app gap. Reach out to us at any time at contactus@compass365.com for a complimentary consultation.