You may not need a NEW intranet, but now is a great time to review your current intranet goals, re-engage your employees, and make improvements! Here’s a checklist of activities to consider as you look to improving your intranet and reinvigorating your employees!

Review your intranet strategy.

Is the purpose of your intranet being met? Has the purpose changed? How are you measuring success? How has your intranet audience changed that you may need to consider? Don’t have an intranet strategy? Create one now and use it to guide your decisions for your intranet.

Perform a content audit.

This is a crucial activity for an intranet. You want to understand what content is being created, by and for whom, and how effective that content is. Useful content can serve as a model for future content, while ROT (redundant, outdated, or trivial) content should be removed. Going through the cataloging process for your content can help you better understand your business and identify areas for improvement.

Review your intranet governance plan.

Are the roles and responsibilities well-defined for the administration and management of your intranet? How about content creation and garnering employee feedback? Do any role updates need to happen due to personnel changes? Are people meeting their responsibilities or is a deeper review required to address new or changing needs? Consider creating a RACI chart so everyone is crystal clear about who is responsible for what.

Commit to meeting.

Regular meetings amongst key stakeholders are important to ensuring responsibilities are being met and planned initiatives are being carried out appropriately. It’s easy for these meetings to fall off when other important matters arise, but not allowing this to happen is the key to incremental improvement and not having to dig yourself out of a huge hole – be it content sprawl, useless search results, or user disengagement.

Solicit feedback.

You want to make improvements, fix issues, and generate new ideas – what better resource than those you’re working so hard to help! Various methods are available to solicit feedback – surveys, polls, reaction icons to content, formal user groups and more. Carried out properly, you don’t just get the feedback you’re looking for; you get users who feel heard and are more engaged!

Ask for help.

Are you faced with implementing a new initiative and don’t know where to start? Or is your intranet ailing from specific problems you don’t know how to tackle? Whether it’s a small engagement where you need some consulting and direction or a larger project, Compass365 is here to help! Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation today!