As a long-time Microsoft Partner delivering SharePoint, Teams, and Power Platform solutions and services to a wide range of customers, we are often on the lookout for great people to join the team.  In fact, as I write this post, we have open positions in several of our Practices, including Intranets, Platform, and Power Platform Services, and within our Intelligent Information Management (IIM) division.  It’s true, that we are demanding in our requirements, seeking professionals with deep technical expertise and aptitude, excellent customer-facing skills, and most importantly, a winning attitude – driven to deliver outstanding service, solutions, and value to our customers, but you can see this in our job descriptions.  What may not be immediately apparent, however, are the reasons you’d want to work with us.

Compass365 is the Microsoft Collaboration Solutions and Services division of General Networks Corporation. We are stable (in business for 30+ years), employee-owned, have a great team and customers, solid benefits, 401K, flexible work environment, competitive compensation, and, since the start of the pandemic, have been a primarily remote work organization with no plans for RTO. Interestingly, while these factors are often prioritized during a job search, none of these criteria were singled out by our employees when we asked the question, “Why do you enjoy working with Compass365?”  In this post, I’ll share the top reasons our Solutions Consultants enjoy their work and stay with the company year after year.

1. My Work Delivers Real Value:

I’ve spent my entire career pushing enterprise software systems to actually solve real business problems. This created systems of significant value for which I’m genuinely proud to have played a part.
Todd W., Sr Solutions Architect/Manager – 20+ years with Compass365

I like people, I like data, and I like efficiency. Solutions in Power Platform provide a beautiful way to make processes more efficient and give time back to people to do more important tasks. I enjoy making people’s lives easier and better through automation.

Nikita R., Solutions Consultant – 1+ year with Compass365

I love helping our clients solve critical business problems with solutions that are easy to use, easy to maintain, take advantage of the Microsoft tools they already own, and provide great value to the organization. I especially enjoy recognizing and offering improvements to processes that business users may not have thought of. This is delivering real value.

Qais G., Practice Manager – 5+ years with Compass365

2. I Love Solving Puzzles

Helping others and solving puzzles have been two of my favorite things to do for as long as I can remember.  My role allows me to bring those two passions together with my love of technology to help our clients improve their everyday work experience by creating solutions to improve collaboration, increase productivity, and enhance user experience.

Jill S., Practice Manager – 2+ years with Compass365

Every single day, I get the opportunity to solve problems, play with technology, and partner with our clients to help them achieve their business objectives.  And, if that were not enough, my role at Compass365 allows me to do it alongside an amazing group of dedicated and expert consultants and developers.  We’ve yet to encounter a business problem we could not solve. It is one of the key reasons why our clients trust us to deliver.

Eric P., Practice Manager – 8+ years with Compass365

I enjoy helping businesses solve their day-to-day pain points with technology by implementing solutions that save them time and make the work more enjoyable and efficient!

Evelyn R., Sr. Solutions Architect – 14+ years with Compass365

I enjoy providing support and problem-solving issues for a wide variety of clients and the different issues that they may face.  I also enjoy deploying new environments that allow team collaboration.

Steven S., Solutions Manager, 14+ years with Compass365

I build stuff!

Mariana H., Systems Developer – 4+ years with Compass365

3. I Never Get Bored

Compass365 has given me the opportunity to work with clients from varied industries from public utilities to global entertainment to financial institutions. There’s always a new challenge and it never gets boring!

Todd M., Solutions Manager – 10+ years with Compass365

I enjoy partnering with a wide variety of clients to create solutions that add value to their organizations.

Jonathon F., Solutions Manager – 14+ years with Compass365

I thrive on challenging customizations where out-of-the-box functionality falls short and enjoy pushing the boundaries to deliver innovative solutions that meet clients’ unique needs and help them achieve their business objectives.

Iwona K., Sr. Solutions Architect – 10+ years with Compass365

I enjoy providing support and problem-solving issues for a wide variety of clients and the different issues that they may face.  I also enjoy deploying new environments that allow team collaboration.

Yash A., Sr. Solutions Consultant – 9+ years with Compass365

I love working at Compass365 because I love helping people. The work we do is so varied, there is always a new and exciting opportunity to deliver value to clients across different industries. I enjoy using my eye for detail to ensure that we are delivering a meaningful solution to the customer, every time.

Nikki C., Systems Developer – 1+ years with Compass365

Love a challenge?  Enjoy solving puzzles?  Want to know that the work you are doing provides real business value?  Want to be part of a stable (8 years average Consultant tenure), hardworking and supportive team?  If you answered yes to some of these questions and you are an experienced Microsoft 365/SharePoint/Power Platform professional, I’d love to hear from you.  Please visit our careers page to see more on us, our culture and team and/or reach out to me directly at: