As a Microsoft Gold Partner helping organizations undergo Digital Transformation using SharePoint, Teams, Power Platform and other aspects of the Microsoft 365 platform, we often hear that facilitating and improving User Adoption is a key consideration, and often times a concern. As many IT and Business Leaders have experienced, the implementation can be a technological success, yet an organizational failure if employees do not use the new solutions.   To address this critical need within the Microsoft Community, Karuana Gatimu, Principal PM Manager of Customer Advocacy and the Champions program at Microsoft announced the launch of in July of this year.  If you haven’t yet seen it, check it out!

The Microsoft Adoption site is packed with resources to help you simplify and accelerate user adoption in your organization.  Whether you are just getting started with SharePoint and/or Microsoft 365 tools, or at an advanced stage of building champions to help grow and sustain your roll out, the site provides resources such as Customer Success Kits, Adoption and Communication Plan templates, eBooks and Best Practices to ensure that your Microsoft based digital transformation efforts are a success.

Organized by product, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, mobile and more, you’ll find it easy to get started, experiment with what works for your organization and feel confident that you’re improving the way your staff works with the technology.

Take SharePoint as an example, the site includes a SharePoint Adoption Playbook, a SharePoint Adoption Campaign Project Plan Template, and resources to support the primary adoption success factors such as:

  • Stakeholders – How to recruit and communicate with key stakeholders and build Champions throughout the organization to build awareness and engagement in the community
  • Scenarios – Library of Use Cases, conversation starters, A Day in the Life scenarios, how to measure success, and sample user satisfaction surveys
  • Awareness – Creative ideas for internal communication and engagement events that focus on creating excitement and awareness, critical for sustaining usage of the new solution
  • Training – SharePoint Help and Learning, IT Professional Training and Virtual Workshops

To explore and download adoption resources, visit here:   MICROSOFT ADOPTION PORTAL

For more information on why adoption matters and to download a copy of Microsoft’s Best Practices for User Adoption, visit here:  MICROSOFT 365 END USER ADOPTION GUIDE

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