Innovation is at the core of Sakata Seed, a company that has been nourishing people and beautifying our planet with its vegetables and ornamental seeds for more than 100 years.  The journey has taken them from handwritten field notebooks to today, where they endeavor to fully automate their inner working systems.  Sakata Seed America, a world leader in the breeding and production of seeds and cuttings, trusts the Compass365 team to assist in their digital transformation.

The Timeline:  Roughly 4 years ago, Ryan Nagahori, Program Manager selected the Microsoft SharePoint based BPA Quality solution to approach the rigorous regulations more systematically, and automate quality testing, auditing and reporting that comes with the territory of providing seeds for human consumption.  For the planning, implementation and support of a SharePoint 2013 deployment running BPA Quality and customized using Nintex Forms and Workflows, Ryan worked closely with the Compass team.  In late 2019, when the decision was made to move to Microsoft 365, Sakata again relied on Compass365 to migrate all data from SharePoint 2013 to Microsoft 365, along with BPA Quality applications (16), 25 Nintex workflows and 3 Nintex Component Workflows that needed to be modernized within a 4 month timeframe.  The effort was a true collaboration, with Ryan taking on the job of interviewing internal stakeholders, helping them to envision improvements that could be made in the process and passing that information on to the Compass365 and BPA teams.  With a clear understanding of objectives, strong communication and teamwork, the project came in on-time and within budget.

Sakata didn’t stop there, however.  In their never-ending quest for process improvements and empowering employees to do their work more effectively, some additional processes were automated using Power Apps and Power Platform.  One was even repurposed by Compass365 with minimal effort to increase the efficiency and management of the purchase and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, for essential workers in the plants and in the field.  Best of all, the Power App was deployed within Teams, fast-tracking the adoption of Teams, another goal set as part of Sakata Seeds Digital Transformation.

For more information on Sakata’s vision, the technology platforms used, the approach and the success metrics achieved, please download the Sakata Seed Case Study Here:


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