On July 14, 2026, InfoPath Forms Services will be removed from Microsoft 365/SharePoint Online.

This is a problem for many organizations as business critical processes such as a/p processing, vendor onboarding and IT service requests will no longer function.  InfoPath extended support for SharePoint Server will also end on this date.  If InfoPath still exists in your organization, the time is now to address this looming problem.  Microsoft has named Power Apps as the official successor to InfoPath, and it is a modern, flexible, and powerful replacement.  Why wait?

Unfortunately, as many of our clients have learned, replacing InfoPath with Power Apps (or any other technology) is not a trivial effort. Every InfoPath form you have in place must be rebuilt in the new technology, even if a like-for-like migration is desired.  More often, we find the InfoPath solution is outdated and the business process needs to be reviewed and refreshed before rebuilding in Power Apps. Adding to the delivery schedule is time for education, UAT and training to ensure your business users are fully equipped to use the solution at go-live.  All of this takes time with IT and Business Stakeholders.  Depending on how many active InfoPath solutions you have in existence, time could run out.

Some considerations that will affect your InfoPath replacement timeline:

  • How many InfoPath solutions you have in play
  • What they do and processes they affect
  • Are they being used and necessary for the future
  • How Power Apps can be used to replace and enhance them
  • Should another technology be considered
  • What gaps or limitations need to be addressed

Beat the InfoPath retirement deadline.

To help you make the move we are offering complimentary Analysis and Recommendations sessions to understand where and how InfoPath is in use and recommendations on how to replace legacy solutions with Power Apps. Beyond the complementary sessions, Compass365 provides InfoPath Assessment and Planning Services, Power Platform Rebuild Services and Power Platform Governance Services.

If InfoPath still exists in your organization contact us today to book your complimentary Analysis and Recommendations sessions and be on your way to meeting the July 2026 deadline!

The Compass365 InfoPath Reality Check(list)

Secure your business continuity and embrace modernization by downloading the Compass365 InfoPath Reality Checklist.

Gain access to our 10-point InfoPath replacement process, a comprehensive project plan using our proven methodology, and a sample schedule to guide your seamless transition to the Power Platform.

Compass365 InfoPath Reality Check(list)