Many businesses today are seeking a more effective way to engage with external customers and partners. The Power Apps Portal, part of the Power Platform in Microsoft 365, enables you to do just that.

Using Power Apps portals, you can empower anyone – inside or outside of your organization – to safely and securely interact with the Common Data Service data you’ve created in Microsoft 365 and Azure. Why are we excited about this? Well, for years our clients have requested a way to use SharePoint to collaborate with external parties to submit, process and receive information. It is a great concept, and we’ve delivered plenty of these portal solutions in the past, but there are challenges in how those external users are licensed and how they authenticate to your systems. With the Power Apps portal, your external users securely access data either anonymously or through commercial authentication providers like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Azure AD, etc. The portal looks great with responsive design and your branding and is easy to manage.

At the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon, held this last May, our Solutions Manager for Microsoft 365 Biz Apps, Qais Gharib, presented a session on Power Apps portals for external engagement with customers and partners. In this session, Qais presents an overview of the Power Apps portal and walks you through a how-to demo for creating this internal/external engagement solution in your own Microsoft 365 tenant. The session was packed full of content and can be viewed here:

Power Apps Portals – Engaging with External Customers, Vendors and Partners 

The session is targeted to a more technical audience – experienced Power Apps Developer or Power User – so if it leaves you with more questions than answers, we’d be glad to pick up the conversation and share some of the exciting portal solutions we’re delivering for our customers. 

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