Technology plays a critical role in creating connections wherever, whenever and however people work. In a recent Microsoft Work Trend Index report titled, “Hybrid Work is Just Work. Are We Doing It Wrong?”, a key finding was the need for improved engagement, communication, and connection not only to colleagues but also to leadership and company culture no matter where employees are working. An effective digital employee experience, AKA the intranet, provides a compelling tool to encourage engagement, communication, and connection with the organization.

The intranet is constantly evolving to meet these critical needs.  The Compass365 intranets team has seen an acceleration in the pace of change in recent years and has assembled some of the latest trends identified by industry experts and experienced by our team within our customer base.  Three of those trends that stand out are:

  • Gamification – Using concepts from games and competition to drive productivity and intranet engagement
  • Highly Personalized Communications – New intranet platform features facilitate more targeted communications to groups within an organization
  • Inclusivity – Inclusivity in web development refers to ensuring that all users feel safe and included on any page of a website, whether it be the login screen, the home page, or the search bar.

We explore why and how organizations execute these trends and describe how platforms are shifting or providing features to make the execution of these trends possible in our blog series, The Evolving Intranet, links below.

Tip:  3 Recommendations from the Workplace Index

  1. End productivity paranoia
  2. Embrace the fact that people come in for each other
  3. Re-recruit your employees

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