Surviving with Microsoft Teams

In early 2020, Covid caused us all to quickly adapt and change the way we did almost everything.   Many companies and their employees were abruptly faced with the challenge of continuing to conduct business in an entirely new way.  Working from home, collaborating virtually, and managing workgroups in a virtual world was something many companies had never experienced, anticipated, or even thought of before.  Microsoft Teams became a life raft for companies trying to stay afloat in this new and unfamiliar territory.

Due to the urgent need to keep dispersed teams connected, the Microsoft Teams life raft was thrown out to employees so quickly it did not allow for the regular care and preparation time that would normally be done prior to such a large-scale rollout.   IT teams did not have the luxury of time to prepare and configure their Microsoft Teams environment to best practices or to cater to specific company processes or requirements.  Survival mode was set, and the business, IT, and management were provided a tool to help business continue in a new virtual world.

Thriving with Teams

Now that we have all been working in this Covid impacted world for an extended amount of time, companies are coming out of survival mode.  The focus now is not just how do we survive in this virtual world but how can we thrive in it.  This means moving from using Microsoft Teams as just a meeting tool or a way to send instant messages between coworkers to understanding how it can enhance collaboration company-wide and do so in a well-managed and secure fashion.  The challenge now is how to take what had been previously rolled out as a quick survival tool and make it something that is well configured, user-friendly, and secure.   With collaboration sites, workflows, secure access, and training it is possible to move from surviving to thriving in Microsoft Teams.

Looking for some help thriving with Microsoft Teams?

At Compass 365, we are helping organizations realize the full potential of their Microsoft Teams and SharePoint environment.  We have the expertise to help drive the collaboration efforts forward.  Our Solutions Consultants understand unique business cases, apply best practices, enable security and governance, and configure the platform to transform your vision into a reality.  Microsoft Teams is much more than just a communications platform.  It is a workplace collaboration tool that, when deployed with thought and care, can make your workplace more efficient, effective, and collaborative in the virtual world that is here to stay.  Let us help you thrive.

Compass365’s experts are ready and waiting to assist you as you dig deeper, going beyond just meetings and calls. With our Workplace Collaboration Services we address all your Microsoft Teams needs to both inspire and train your employees, showing them all the ways they can use the product to collaborate and maintain productivity. We’re here to supply and help implement all needed guidance and guardrails around processes, governance, and wellness. Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation today!

Compass365, a Microsoft Gold Partner, delivers SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Power Platform solutions that help IT, and Business leaders improve the way their organizations operate and how their employees work.