The Evolving Intranet – A Series on Current Intranet Trends by Erik Perez, Todd Martindale, and Joni Kirschenman

It is no surprise to anyone that builds corporate intranets for a living, or manages intranet content and configuration, that the landscape of intranet features continues to constantly evolve.  Especially now, as most organizations adopt cloud-based Intranet solutions, the pace of change continues to accelerate, as you would expect with cloud services.

One of the perks of working with so many different clients in a variety of verticals and industries is that our Intranets Practice team can observe and confirm trends that develop across intranet products, clients, and projects.

In a recent conversation with Compass365 intranet project leads, I asked about the trends they were seeing in the marketplace with their varied client interactions.

We discovered that there are several trends described by Intranet experts in blogs and posts that we have also observed with our clients.  With this in mind, we have decided to dedicate our next three intranet blog posts to explore three trends that stand out to us:

  • Gamification – Using concepts from games and competition to drive productivity and intranet engagement.
  • Highly Personalized Communications – New Intranet platform features facilitate more targeted communications to groups of people within an organization. We’ll examine one of those features new to the Akumina platform.
  • Inclusivity – Inclusivity in web development refers to ensuring that all users feel safe and included on any page of a website, whether it be the login screen, the home page, or the search bar. We’ll provide methods and suggestions for creating inclusive intranets.

We’ll explore why and how organizations execute on these trends and describe how platforms are shifting or providing features to make the execution of these trends possible.

Stay tuned and check back periodically for the link to the next post in the series.

The Evolving Intranet – Intranet Gamification

The Evolving Intranet – Highly Personalized Communications

The Evolving Intranet – Inclusive Web Design

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