Microsoft hosted their annual Ignite conference virtually last week, which means it was a week for announcements!  Check out Jeff Teper’s recap Collaboration, Communication and Knowledge Sharing with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Project Cortex to get the scoop on all the new Teams and SharePoint features coming soon.

I’m especially excited about the addition of Microsoft Search to the Teams interface.  One of the main benefits of storing all of our content in Microsoft 365 is being able to find it at a moment’s notice.  The Microsoft Search experience on the home page makes it easy to find everything you’ve created, or has been shared with you, but that’s not the place where I’m spending most of my time.  More and more I’m in the Teams app, jumping between meetings, chatting with colleagues, and collaborating on project documents.  The current search feature in Teams is . . . minimal.  Having the same rich Microsoft Search feature available in Teams will be a time saver!

I missed being at the event live this year, a feeling that many of my colleagues share as well. The content produced is fantastic, but without a week outside of work to enjoy the energy, camaraderie and days dedicated to learning (instead of multitasking with project demands), I am still digging through my long list of sessions I’m interested in. Expect more highlights in the future. Looking forward to the next live event!

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