Microsoft has recently introduced a new licensing tier with Teams Premium.  This option provides additional features on top of the Teams base license. The cost is an additional $10 per licensed user ($7 for early adopters until June 2023).  Teams Premium features enhancements in four main areas: meeting experience, security, administration, and telemetry support. In this blog, I’ll cover a few of the features that I think will be most exciting for our user base.

In my opinion, the biggest news coming out of this new release is its integration with OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 AI language model.  This provides Teams Premium clients with an intelligent recap option for Teams meetings.  Teams will use AI to generate meeting notes and highlights to be shared with the meeting invitees.  Like meeting recordings that we are all familiar with today, these new intelligent recap notes and highlights will be shared with all invitees, whether they attended the meeting or not.

Screen shot of Teams Premium intelligent recap for Teams meetings

Intelligent recap capabilities with Microsoft Teams Premium

Meeting templates are another useful feature that has been added to the Teams Premium license.  Templates such as help desk calls, leadership meetings, brainstorming sessions, or client intake calls can now be templated and branded to meet your company’s needs and be reused on demand.  Speaking of branding, that is also a new feature. Meetings can be branded with company logos, custom backgrounds, lobbies, and together modes to allow your company to create a professional and unique experience for your Teams users.

Screenshot of branded meetings with Microsoft Teams Premium

Branded meetings with Microsoft Teams Premium

Advanced virtual appointment capabilities have been added to Teams Premium as well.  This provides functionalities such as a bookings calendar, SMS notifications, custom waiting rooms, a queue of scheduled and on-demand appointments, and virtual appointment analytics.

While these enhancements may not be for all organizations, they will make a difference for some.  Teams Premium features could be great for large corporations that are looking to brand their meetings or healthcare companies that rely on virtual appointments.  Microsoft is continuing to build out the features for the latest be sure to keep an eye on the Microsoft Teams Premium page and we will keep you updated as well.

Microsoft Teams Premium | Microsoft Teams

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